Our Team

Terry MaciasBusiness Reporter

I am an analyst, Business category reporter and editor of News Billion. I am an active investor myself. I help not only to earn good money for me but to understand other investments in general. I am a graduate of Florida University. I hold bachelor’s degree in finances and specializes in trading operations. I enjoy running and boating. Please do not hesitate to reach out me if you have feedback or would like to know anything about Business News.

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Louis Jenkins Earnings Reporter

I work as Earnings Research writer with experience over 3 years. I am a popular strategist and famous financial writer. I done graduation in MIT. I have diploma in business research. I received my education in New Jersey University. I hold an MA in business, specializing in finances. I also write for economic magazines. I enjoy working out and gaming in his free time.

Mailing address: 91045 Argyle Place, Kearny, NJ 07032, USA

Phone number: 201-621-6672

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Zachary Harrison Healthcare Reporter

I am an outstanding Healthcare writer, and analyst. Before I joined News Billion, I already was a well-known business analyst. I wrote an analysis of the market for famous financial outlets. My research articles were easy to understand, full of details and objective. I believe that every community, regardless of size, deserves top-notch news coverage from my online news portal. That principle guides the decisions I makes in daily news coverage.

Mailing address: 936 Watkins Farm Road, Nicholson, GA 30565, USA


Zip code: 30565

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Barbara Thornton Tech Industry Reporter

I graduated with subject B.S. in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science. I always looking to spin a good story, I welcomes ideas and suggestions from everyone. I am currently residing in Johnstown, with my wife, two sons and one daughter. In my free time, I like to play golf and bass guitar. I have keen interest in Technology trends that are taking place globally.

Mailing address: 13849 Miller Road, Johnstown, OH 43031, USA

Zip code: 46703

Phone number: (62) 2523-9336

Email: [email protected]