11 migrants die in a boat sinking in Malaysia

At least 11 Indonesian migrants have been killed after a boat capsized in southern Malaysia due to bad weather. Another 26 people are missing in the incident, local authorities said. News AFP.

The accident happened in the Malaysian state of Johor on Wednesday morning, local time, the Coast Guard said. They estimate there were at least 60 migrants on board the sinking boat.

Coast Guard Chief Admiral Mohammad Jubil Mat Sum said patrol members of the Coast Guard recovered the bodies of six men and four women.

Twenty men and two women were rescued alive after the sinking. The migrants came from an island in neighboring Indonesia. They are currently being held for questioning.

The Coast Guard chief said the missing were thought to have drowned or escaped. Coastguard boats and helicopters are working to find them. “We are deeply saddened by this tragic event. I urge the immigrants not to enter Malaysia illegally. ”

Malaysia is one of the richest countries in Asia. There are currently millions of migrants working in the country, most of them illegal. These migrants are working in Malaysia’s agriculture and infrastructure construction industry.

Many from neighboring Indonesia try to enter Malaysia by boat. Occasionally such accidents occur during illegal entry.

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