Fruitive Offers Healthy Plant-Based Food Franchise Opportunities Across USA

Fruitive has announced that the company is now offering healthy, plant-based casual food franchise opportunities across the USA. The company was founded in Virginia Beach in 20111 and since then, the company has witnessed a tremendous expansion from its previous Hilltop location to two new locations in Virginia and Norfolk. The casual food eatery also focused on markets of the local farmers across Washington, D.C.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Fruitive, Gregg Rozeboom said, “My goal with Fruitive was to create something good for my family, for our community and for the world.”

“The market for plant-based, healthy foods has continued to grow at an unprecedented rate, and I knew there was an opportunity here. When I decided to start the company, I traveled to vegan restaurants around the nation to see what was working and what wasn’t, and I’m confident we’ve created a brand that will provide a rewarding investment to franchise owners,” Rozeboom further added.

“As we open our brand up to a new wave of restaurateurs, we really want franchisees who are excited about promoting health and wellness,” Rozeboom added.

“At Fruitive, we offer an extensive training program that covers everything from finance and real estate to sales and marketing. We want to empower our franchisees with an opportunity to invest in both themselves and the planet, and we’re looking forward to seeing Fruitive locations across the nation,” Rozeboom concluded.

The founder of the company Gregg Rozeboom wanted to open a restaurant that prized kindness and authenticity above all. The eatery has combined various health concepts in its menu from bananas on toasted-whole grain bread to almond butter with cacao nibs and chocolate drizzle topped with the delicious and mouth-watering coconut cream and served with the maple syrup and lavender.

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