Positive Recovery Centers Launches Positive Recovery MD Podcast

Positive Recovery Centers has announced that the company has launched the Positive Recovery MD (PRC MD). The Positive Recover is hoisted by Dr. Jason ZW Power, Positive Recovery Centers Chief Medical Officer. The company has further added that the podcast will launch on Tuesday and are currently available on Spotify, Google Podcast and Apple Podcasts.

The podcast will discuss the variety of illnesses, including the mental health, addiction recovery and wellness community. The distinguished guests of the Podcasts will have authentic conversation around recovery, growth, addiction and progress. All the listeners can sign up to avail additional benefits in the podcast.

President of Positive Recovery Centers, Julie DeNofa said, “Launching a podcast was a natural evolution for Positive Recovery Centers. The strength and positivity of our curriculum and the impact it has on our client’s lives is a key differentiator to our success as an organization. Especially during today’s ever-changing world, we want to help more people thrive in their life.”

Host of Positive Recovery MD, Dr. Jason ZW Powers said, “Positive Interventions are intentional strategies designed to boost well-being. Benefits of doing these include improved relationships, strengthened recovery, more balanced emotional health and much more.”

“Slow and steady wins the race. A podcast is a perfect platform to guide you through these PI’s, because you can apply yourself during the week, engage with the PRC MD Facebook community, and reconnect with us for a new episode each Tuesday,” Dr. Jason ZW Powers further added in the statement,

The initial episode of the podcast will include:

  • Episode 1: Welcome to Positive Recovery
  • Episode 2: Being Generous, with George Joseph
  • Episode 3: The Most Dangerous a Belief a Parent Can Have, Archway Academy
  • Episode 4: Happiness Isn’t Something You Sort of Do Once, Reanna DeGeorge

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