Tenneco Recognized by General Motors as a 2019 Supplier of the Year Winner

Tenneco has announced that the company has been named as General Motor Supplier of the Year by General Motors during the company’s 28th Annual Supplier of the year awards on Wednesday June 24, 2020.

During the prestigious event, General Motors recognized 116 of its best suppliers from 15 different countries that have exceeded GM’s expectations by creating outstanding innovations to the company.

The company has further announced that this is the third consecutive year that Tenneco Business Group has earned this reward.

Vice President Global Purchasing and Supply Chain, Shiplan Amin said, “Our suppliers play a key role in delivering the products, services and experiences our customers deserve – and these award-winning suppliers went above and beyond our expectations.”

“We also believe it’s important at this point in time to thank our entire supply base for their efforts the last few months to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19,” Amin further added.

“Not only have we been able to safely restart our manufacturing operations, our suppliers played a key role in assisting our initiatives to increase the supply of ventilators and personal protection equipment (PPE) for frontline health care workers to help save lives and keep communities safe,” Shiplan Amin further added in the statement.

Chief Executive Officer of Tenneco, Brian Kesseler said, “Tenneco is honored to be named a recipient of this prestigious award from one of our most trusted industry partners, General Motors, and it is truly a testament to our 32,000 Powertrain team members around the world, who strive to produce quality powertrain components every day.”

“This award reinforces Tenneco Powertrain’s strong position in the global market for highly engineered engine components and highlights our commitment to global customers to develop innovations that deliver optimal fuel economy, meet and exceed the most stringent emission targets, and enhance vehicle performance,” Brian Kesseler further added in the statement.

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