Executive Chef Luca Annunziata Wins the Food Network’s Show named Chopped

Forchetta’s Executive Chef, Luca Annunziata participated in Food Network’s Chopped, a Reality Television’s Chef Competition, which aired on June 30, 2020 at 9:00pm and won the episode. Forchetta is an Italian Kitchen expertise on handcrafted pasta dishes. It also focuses in private dining room, remodeled dining and bar areas and a luxurious wine display.

Four chefs competed in the show against each other to create a three-course meal that included an appetizer, an entrée and a dessert. Chefs were bound to use only ingredients provided by the show provides, those also included bizarre ones. As the show proceeded, after completion of each course, chefs were judged on their work and one was named out from the competition.

Chef Luca who is the Executive Chef of Forchetta began his career in culinary and developed an eager for the cooking art under his mother’s watch in Naples, Italy. His passion helped him traveling accross the globe and achieving experience of over 20 years in the hospitality industry.

Chef Luca has achieved many awards related to profession of hospitality. Those awards also include the Zagat Platinum Award for Excellence and Passion8’s “Top 25 Best Restaurants in Charlotte” from Charlotte Magazine.

Chef Luca commented on the glory of Food Network’s Chopped show, “Competing on Chopped was such a rewarding opportunity. I am proud to represent the Queen City while honoring my parents and Italian heritage. Most importantly being able to share this experience with my wife, Jessica and son, Julian Luca is something I’ll never forget. Rewatching my episode has only made me more excited for the day when we can reopen forchetta’s doors. In the meantime, our team is busy preparing your curbside to-go orders.”

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