19-year-old Entrepreneur Idrees Kickz makes a fortune selling sneakers

Idrees Kickz has shown great grit and determination in carving out a successful online business called “Woiair”. To become an entrepreneur, one must possess wholesome skills right from financial planning to human resource management. It is very crucial to learn these skills, as their absence could spell a tragic fate for your business. Learning these skills early not only makes the entrepreneur aware but also gives him a wholesome thought-process on the functioning of their business. The same stood true for renowned entrepreneur Idrees Kickz aka Mohammad Edris Hashimi, who is the owner of an online sneaker portal, called “Woiair”. At just 19 years of age, he carved out a highly profitable e-commerce business with grit & determination. Idrees Kickz has risen to the top of the industry with his impeccable honing of entrepreneurial skills. He lays out some important skills that new businesspersons must keep in mind, for attaining outstanding success.

19-year-old Entrepreneur Idrees Kickz makes a fortune selling sneakers.

• Research: Idrees Kickz believes that any new business person must carry substantive research into the market. Avid research on your competitors and problems that you could face in the future helps entrepreneurs ready their mindset accordingly.

• Focus: One can’t maximize their productivity if they are not fully focused. To get the work done with efficiency, entrepreneurs must be focused. Honing this skill also helps you understand which aspects of your business lack, in terms of productivity.

• Cash management: Idrees Kickz believes that any new entrepreneur must be a very effective manager of liquidity. Entrepreneurs have the responsibility of seeing to it that all their operating expenses are met with proper cash management. Lack of this often leads to bankruptcy.

• Communication: It is very crucial to build trustworthy relations with your clients and employees; for that, entrepreneurs must possess good communication skills. Communication drives your business forward, and clear communication helps you satisfy the needs of your clients and employees.

• Learning: Idrees Kickz believes that every good entrepreneur will be a good learner. Entrepreneurs must never stop learning or studying their field. One must attend seminars or lectures to keep updated in the field of their business.

Idrees Kickz has carved out a successful e-commerce business keeping these points in mind. The terrific success of his sneaker selling brand Woiair has led him to venture into other businesses, like Woiair Real Estate, Woiair Digital Agency, Woiair Merchines (Merchandise), and the astute businessman is just getting started.

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