Fariba Rahimi Transforms Her Hair from Signature Dark to a Lighter Tone

Fariba bids farewell to her signature brown hair and welcomes her new caramel brown hair, a lighter shade than her previous styles.

Courtesy of Instagram

So apparently, 2020 has been a year of change for everyone. We have seen some absolutely new and unexpected things happening in this pandemic struck year. We saw Katy Perry’s bright new orange hair, Bella Hadid’s transformation back to brown and even Gigi Hadid switching to a blonde shade.But never did we expect Fariba Rahimi to switch her classic brown color into a lighter shade.

Fariba Rahimi has rocked many fashion shows and advertisement campaigns with Versace in her irresistibly gorgeous brown hair. But we recently spotted her in a lighter caramel brown hue and OH BOY! Doesn’t she look ABSOLUTELY breathtaking in those lighter shaded wavy hair?!

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