Tesla’s official response to get involved in battery swap: charging is the best supplement to make netizens noisy

Some time ago, the business scope of Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. added “new energy vehicle replacement facility sales”. In this regard, some media reports said that Tesla’s move may be to enter the battery swap market. But a few days ago, Tao Lin, vice president of Tesla’s external affairs, responded to the statement that “Tesla is involved in battery replacement”. She said that as early as 2013, Tesla tried to replace the battery, and the battery swap mode is currently in use. Some specific areas, such as taxis or buses, are good energy replenishment models, but we have always believed that the charging mode is the best replenishment method for large-scale civilian electric vehicles.



At the same time, taking the mobile phone 10 years ago as an analogy, from the first equipped with two batteries for replacement, to the development of fast charging technology, most mobile phones are equipped with an integrated non-removable battery.

It can be seen that the development of car battery technology will also be the same as that of mobile phones. Fast and efficient charging, and continuously increasing the layout of charging piles, is the best solution to users’ anxiety about charging.

Regarding Tao Lin’s statement, netizens’ views have also been controversial.

Some netizens pointed out that the battery will attenuate, but the attenuation of electric vehicles is the same as that of fuel vehicles, or even better than the latter. Therefore, under the current battery cycle life, battery replacement not only solves the problem of replenishment, but also solves the waste of resources. problem.

Mobile phones equipped with battery replacement may be obsolete in one or two years, but as a large durable commodity, no one will eliminate it in one or two years.


Standardized replacement of electricity allows the industry to advance costs in advance, so that an electric vehicle can also have a long life cycle, because the reason for determining whether it is depreciated or whether it is scrapped is no longer the battery.


Taking NIO as an example, the battery swap technology promotes the separation of vehicle and electricity, and the vehicle also has a better and higher preservation rate, and the unified battery interface reserves a larger space for exploration of the upgrade of NIO.

At the same time, the speed of power exchange has been increased to within 100 seconds. In the future, with the increase in the layout and construction of power exchange stations, the prospect of power exchange modes is broad.




















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