The Chinese Academy of Sciences releases the GEP accounting report of the Ant Forest “Mobile phone planting trees” to create an ecological value of over 11.3 billion

On the eve of the Arbor Day, the Research Center for Ecological Environment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the World Conservation Union IUCN jointly released the ” Ant Forest 2016-2020 Afforestation Project Ecosystem Product (GEP) Accounting Report” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”) to estimate the ecology of the ant forest The total production value of the system is 11.306 billion yuan.


Gross Ecosystem Product (GEP) refers to the sum of the economic value of the final material products and services provided by the ecosystem for human well-being and sustainable economic and social development in a certain area and within a certain period of time, including wind prevention and sand fixation, climate regulation, and solidification. Carbon release oxygen, water conservation and other aspects.

According to statistics, since 2016, the number of participants in Ant Forest has exceeded 550 million, and more than 223 million real trees have been planted. The ant forest establishes a direct connection between urban low-carbon life and the frontline of desertification control. Ant Group has planted and maintained trees together with public welfare partners such as China Green Foundation, Alxa SEE Foundation, Elion Charity Foundation, Alxa Ecological Foundation, etc. The total planting area exceeds 3.06 million mu, and the cumulative carbon emission reduction exceeds 12 million. Ton.

According to the natural environment, ecological system characteristics and planting conditions of the ant forest planting plots, the “Report” constructs its ecosystem gross production value accounting indicator system, and the ant forest afforestation project four years (2016-2020) planting plots have reached their respective The GEP when the regional vegetation matures was predicted.


The results of the “Report” show that after years of growth, if management and maintenance are in place, the ability of the ecosystem to provide services will continue to improve. When all plots reach the mature state of vegetation in their respective regions, the total ecosystem production calculated based on constant prices in 2020 is estimated The value is 11.306 billion yuan.

Ant Forest is a green low-carbon charity project launched by Alipay, which aims to encourage the general public to choose green lifestyles, such as walking or biking instead of driving, choosing public transportation, online services and other low-carbon emission reduction activities. The corresponding emission reductions are calculated It is the virtual “green energy”, which is used to grow virtual trees in the mobile phone. After the virtual tree grows, Ant Forest and public welfare partners will plant a real tree in the desertified area to cultivate and motivate participants to conduct low-carbon environmental protection. Because it successfully awakened the awareness of environmental protection in the whole society and promoted green and low carbon to become a popular trend in China, in 2019, Ant Forest won the “Earth Guardian Award”, the highest award in the United Nations environmental protection field, and the “Lighthouse Award”, the highest award in response to climate change.

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