The United Arab Emirates is building new relationship with Syria

After the political crisis in Syria, it turned into a civil war. From then on, the Arab countries started keeping distance with Damascus. Syria, ravaged by brutal civil war for nearly a decade. However, after a long time, Bashar al-Assad is on the way to bring the chaotic situation of the country under control. Now the Arab states are becoming interested in improving relations with Damascus. The United Arab Emirates is one of them.

The United Arab Emirates signed an agreement with war-torn Syria on Thursday. News Daily Sabah.

Syria and the United Arab Emirates have agreed to build a solar power plant near Damascus, according to Syrian state media.

The agreement was signed two days after UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. This is the first visit to Damascus by a high-ranking UAE official since the start of the war in Syria.

The visit of Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan is considered as very important. The visit is being seen as part of a regional effort to pull Damascus out of the long-running process of diplomatically isolating the Assad government. Syria’s economic situation is extremely fragile due to the war and Western sanctions.

Syria’s state news agency SANA says the Syrian Ministry of Power and the UAE have signed an agreement to build a solar power plant. The capacity of this center is 300 MW.

Syria’s finance minister said last month that the war had severely damaged the country’s power sector. The direct and indirect losses in this sector so far are close to 100 billion US dollars.

Damascus recently signed a ৫ 115 million deal with an Iranian company to restart a power plant in a Syrian province.

The UAE severed ties with Damascus in 2012, a year after the start of the war in Syria. Later, in December 2016, the UAE reopened its embassy in Damascus. He also called on Syria to return to the Arab League.

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