Turkey bans air passengers from 3 Muslim countries on Belarus

The decision was taken by the Turkish Civil Aviation Authority (SHGM) on Friday. News Arab News.

The decision was taken amid tensions between Belarus and the European Union over the refugee crisis.

Turkey’s civil aviation authority said in a tweet that citizens of Iraq, Syria and Yemen wishing to travel to Minsk from our country would not be sold plane tickets and would not be allowed to board their planes due to problems with the illegal crossing of refugees at the border between Belarus and the European Union.

The European Union (EU) says it is encouraging refugees fleeing war-torn countries around the world to take refuge in Belarus to cross the Minsk border into other European countries. In light of this, new sanctions may be imposed on Belarus.

Turkey and Turkish Airlines, which carry Turkish flags, have been accused of helping the refugee crisis.

After denying the allegations, Turkey stopped selling plane tickets to Belarus for citizens of three Muslim countries.

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