After reading the biography of the Prophet, a 70-year-old Bulgarian woman became a Muslim

Spaska Ivanova from Bulgaria converted to Islam after reading the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

According to the Anadolu Agency of Turkey, 60-year-old Spaska Ivanova traveled to the northwestern Turkish city of Adrienne. As part of this trip, he visited the Darul Ifta Division (Islamic Advisory Council) of the province. There he expressed his interest in converting to Islam.

The Darul Ifta department in Edirne, Turkey, then organized a ceremony for the Bulgarian woman’s conversion to Islam. Mufti Ala Uddin Buzkurat and his assistant Zainab Kaya were present on the occasion.

After converting to Islam, Spaska Ivanova changed her name to Fatima. At the ceremony, the Holy Quran was presented to Spaska Ivanova (Fatima).

According to the report, Spaska Ivanova studied Islam for a long time. He was very impressed by the biography of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

Fatema told the media that she has been reading various studies on Islam for a long time. He read the biography of the last prophet of Islam, Muhammad (pbuh) with deep attention, which penetrated deep into his heart.

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