Duterte’s daughter will run for vice president of the Philippines

Sarah Duterte, daughter of outgoing Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, will run in the 2022 Vice Presidential election. The country’s election commission said on Saturday.

Under the Philippine constitution, President Rodrigo Duterte can no longer run for office. Because, no one can be the head of state for more than six years. The International Court of Justice is also investigating allegations of extrajudicial killings in the name of the war on drugs.

Duterte’s spokeswoman Christina Garcia Frasco said on Facebook that Sara Duterte had submitted nomination papers from the Lucas-CMD party to run for vice president through a representative. November 15 is the last day to submit nomination papers, the election is in May next year.

At the moment, Sara Duterte is serving as the city’s mayor. He has been saying for so many days that he will also take part in the next mayoral election, he also submitted nomination papers. However, he abruptly withdrew from the mayoral election last week, joining the Lakas-CMD party.

Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the son of a former Philippine dictator, will run for president from the Lacas-CMD party.

According to the survey, he is in second place among the rival candidates in terms of popularity. Analysts believe that Ferdinand Marcos’ position will be stronger this time with Sara Duterte in the team. In the Philippines, the president and vice president are elected separately.

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