The British couple dug their land and found a golden Bible

A British couple found a gold Bible weighing about five grams while searching for metals on farmland. The couple’s fortunes changed the moment they received the golden Bible. Because it costs about a million pounds.

Buffy Bailey, a Yorker, and her husband, Shake, look for old metalware. Many also call them to find old things from their own land. In addition to this work, Buffy is a nurse by profession.

They were recently called upon to dig up farmland in York to search for metals. The two started searching at the behest of the land owner. After digging deep into the ground, they suddenly received a very strong signal from a metal detector. After digging a hole about five inches, he recovered a small gold-colored metal. The thing is, they didn’t realize it was going to be a golden Bible. After taking a picture of it on his mobile phone and enlarging the picture, Buffy became overjoyed.

According to Buffy, the golden colored object is basically a golden Bible. It is one and a half centimeters long and weighs about five grams. 24 carat gold was used in the Bible.

By researching, Buffy found out that it was a Bible from the time of King Richard III.

According to experts, this Bible was probably given as a gift to a female relative during the reign of Richard III.

Richard III ruled England as the last king of the House of York in the fifteenth century. The 32-year-old King of England died in the Civil War of Bosworth in 1465.

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