The old man survived fighting with a crocodile by a knife!

An old man literally escaped from the crocodile’s mouth. He was able to free himself from the crocodile’s jaw by constantly hitting the crocodile’s head with the knife in his hand. Local authorities reported the news on Wednesday, according to AFP.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a river on the Cape York Peninsula in northern Australia, AFP reported. Wildlife officials there said the injured old man was lucky to have survived. Ku

Matt Bryan, an official with the Inland State Environment Department, said he was fortunate to have survived a four- to four-and-a-half-meter-long crocodile after the fight.

It is learned that the old man went to catch the fish in a river near Hope Valley last week. There the crocodile attacked him.

The Department of the Environment said in a statement that it was aware of the matter a moment before the crocodile was attacked. The crocodile bit his shoe as he threw the fishing rod in his hand.

Then the old man grabbed the branch of the tree next to him. But the crocodile dragged him into the river. He kept hitting the crocodile on the head until it fell into the river and somehow got rid of the crocodile with a small knife stuck in its belt.

After that the old man reached the shore with great difficulty. He was taken to hospital from there.

The condition of the old man is stable. A spokesman for the country’s health ministry said he was slowly recovering.

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