Three female editors received the One-Ifra Award

This year’s Editorial Leadership Award is being given to three women editors by the World Association of News Publishers One-Ifra. They are receiving the award in recognition of their exemplary role in the newsroom and their special role in society as a media through leadership, according to a press release from One-Ifra on Friday.

Edith Kambalam, editor of The Nation on Sunday in Malawi, Nien Nien Ning, editor-in-chief of Myanmar’s Seven Day Digital, and Samia Nakhul, Middle East affairs editor at Thomson Reuters, will receive the One-Ifra Award in 2021, the press release said.

They have been nominated for the 2021 Editorial Leadership Award for South Africa, Southeast Asia and the Arab region, the press release said.

This award is given annually by the international organization working for the protection of the rights of news publishers and journalists under the Women in News (WIN) program.

This year’s award-winning three editors will take part in the Win Ifra panel at the One Ifra World News Media Congress on November 29.

They will be officially awarded at the World News Media Congress in Spain in September 2022.

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