Western war with Russia could break out: British Army Chief

Britain’s army chief Nick Carter has warned that war could break out in the West with Russia at any time.

In an interview with Times Radio, the British military chief said that the war could break out at any time by accident as the traditional diplomatic channels were not open in the aftermath of the Cold War.

The most senior British military official said governments in the multi-polar world competed for a variety of purposes and agendas. Due to this there is a huge risk.

“I think our people need to be aware of the politics of violence so that nothing out of the ordinary happens,” Carter said.

Tensions are running high in Eastern Europe in recent times. The European Union (EU) has accused Russia’s ally Belarus of pushing thousands of migrants to the European Union (EU) border with Poland.

On Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said NATO’s unscheduled exercises in the Black Sea posed a serious challenge to Moscow. He also said that Russia had nothing to do with the Belarusian border crisis.

Tensions are running high between Russia and NATO over this.

Carter said authoritarian rivals could use issues such as refugees, rising gas prices, proxy warfare and cyber-attacks as tools to take advantage of the situation.

In his words, after the post-Cold War bipolar world, the United States is the sole dominator, and in today’s multi-polar world, diplomats are facing various complications. Noting that the traditional tools and tactics of the Cold War are no longer effective, he said the lack of tactics in these tools poses a major risk to the tension. He also warned that this tension could lead to miscalculations.

By wrong equation he means a war with Russia.

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