Venezuela is on its way to setting a record by hosting the largest orchestra

Russia holds the record for the largest orchestra ever held. In 2019, the country recorded this by gathering 6,096 artists. However, this time the Latin American country Venezuela has reached the threshold of breaking the Guinness record of the orchestra with a bigger gathering. Last Saturday in Caracas, about 12,000 instrumentalists gathered for an orchestra and enchanted the surroundings with the melody. Now just waiting for the announcement. Guinness World Records will tell after 10 days of observation whether Venezuela was able to record. News AFP.

About 12,000 classical artists started playing simultaneously in the orchestra held at the Mountain Military Academy premises. They were instructed by 34-year-old Andres David Ascanio. Before the performance began, he urged everyone, “Let’s break the strings of the musical instrument, but don’t stop.” Play with your heart, don’t stop. ‘

Then the young players in white shirts started performing the orchestra. The birds seemed to be mesmerized by the silence of their melody. Occasionally, macaws were seen flying over their heads.

The 12-minute performance was observed by about 270 observers. They were responsible for making sure that every artist was playing according to the rules. One of the rules was that the same instrument could not be played by more than one player and they had to play for at least five minutes continuously to confirm the number.

21-year-old violinist Ernesto Laguna took part in the orchestra. Expressing his feelings, he said, “For the first time in my life, I have acted at the behest of an on-screen director. However, we have been able to adapt quite well. ‘
According to a Reuters report, the orchestra was organized in Venezuela as part of a government-sponsored El Sistema program. It is also known as The System. The project started in 1985. And since then thousands of children from working families have been trained under it.

Guinness World Record holder Susanna Reyes said the effort to enter the Guinness Book of World Records was a joy. The artists could not contain their emotions after the orchestra performance ended on Saturday. Many express their emotions by raising their musical instruments towards the sky.

Earlier, the largest orchestra was in St. Petersburg. Then 6,096 instrumentalists came together.

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