The Corona situation in Germany are worrying again

The Corona situation in Germany is once again becoming increasingly worrying. German Chancellor Angela Merkel will hold talks with 16 heads of state on Thursday. In addition, the German parliament or the Bundestag sits on a special session.

Professor Lothar Wheeler, director of the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases Research in Germany, said:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said: “This dramatic situation has arisen after the fourth wave of the Corona hit our country with full force.”

In the 24 hours since last Wednesday to Thursday, 65,381 people have been infected with corona across Germany. 274 people died. One week ago, the number of infections last Wednesday was 50,000.

The number of infections has been on the rise since last week, according to the Robert Koch Institute. So far, 99,000 people have died of corona infection in Germany. Experts estimate that the death toll will soon exceed 1 lakh.

Lothar Villar said the political leaders had not taken any serious decision to deal with the crisis. In this situation, you may have to spend dark time at Christmas. He called for a political decision to make vaccination compulsory, including speeding up vaccinations and restricting movement in areas where the risk of infection is high.

Angela Merkel’s ruling party lost the 20th German election on September 28. Now there is a process of forming a new coalition government led by the Social Democratic Party. Politicians are being criticized for not paying attention to the Corona situation during this political turnaround.

Statistics show that among the 17 German states that have the highest vaccination rates, the number of infections is lower. Where meetings and processions have taken place in opposition to the Corona Restrictions or Protection Act, Corona has taken a terrible shape.

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