Turkey releases Israeli couple accused of spying

Turkey has released an Israeli couple arrested on suspicion of spying. They were accused of taking pictures of Turkey’s presidential palace.

According to the BBC, Turkey released Mordy and Natalie Okinin after a week in captivity. They have reached Israel.

Mordy and Natalie Okinin are both bus drivers. They claim that they went on holiday to Istanbul. They were arrested for allegedly taking pictures of the residence of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

However, the Israeli government and the couple have denied the allegations. The couple’s arrest made headlines in the Israeli media. In this incident, there was a fear of starting a conflict between the two countries.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali could have a telephone conversation with Erdogan on Thursday. This will be the first telephone conversation between the two heads of government since 2013.

Natalie O’Connor thanked the whole nation for standing by her after her release.

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