Upward transition in Europe again, Austria on the verge of total lockdown

Austria, a European country, is going to start a complete lockdown from next Monday as the corona infection continues to increase. Earlier, a lockdown was announced in the country for those who had not been vaccinated against coronavirus.

According to the BBC, Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schlenberg has said that a full lockdown will continue in the country for 20 days. The legal obligation to get vaccinated will be imposed from February 1 next year.

He was speaking in response to a record of coronavirus infections in Austria and the lowest vaccination rate in Western Europe. Many countries are imposing restrictions as infections continue to rise across Europe.

“We don’t want a fifth wave of corona,” Schlenberg said after meeting with governors of nine Austrian provinces at a resort in West Austria.

According to the latest figures, more than 990 out of every 100,000 people in Austria became infected with corona last week. The country’s health minister, Wolfgang Mackstein, said the lockdown was the last resort.

Meanwhile, the people of Austria have to work from home in the lockdown. Shops will be closed without special requirements. The school will be open for children till December 12. The issue of lockdown will then be re-evaluated.

Another European country, Slovenian Prime Minister Edward Hager, has announced a lockdown for unvaccinated people since Monday. The Czech Republic has also imposed various restrictions. The Netherlands has begun a partial lockdown. Germany has also agreed to impose strict restrictions on people not vaccinated.

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