There are millions of crabs on the road, vehicle getting stopped

Sunsan silence on the way. But the car has stopped. Because, there is no way forward. If you look closely, you can see millions of red crabs along the way. The crabs are running endlessly from one side of the road to the other. That’s why the car stopped.

Every year in October-November, such a picture is seen on Christmas Island in Australia. At this time of year, red crabs run around the water in groups. This is like the migration of millions of crabs!

According to the Washington Post, Christmas Island is located in the Indian Ocean, west of mainland Australia. At this time of year there is the first rainfall of the winter season. As soon as the rain was seen, the fields, ghats, deserts, forests were filled with red crabs. Crabs started running from the jungle towards the Indian Ocean.

Crab mating season at this time of year. The crabs will lay their eggs in the waters of the Indian Ocean. This is the main reason why red crabs leave the forest and run towards the water in groups. Each group is led by the largest male crab. Following that, other crabs start running.

The city falls on this crab walkway. As the red crabs crossed the city, traffic was stopped. City authorities have built overbridges and underpasses in many places for the smooth movement of crabs.

According to the Australian government, about 50 million red crabs live on Christmas Island. Local National Park authorities say red crab migrations occur on Christmas Island each year. It is a natural migration process unique to the world. Originally such migration was seen in October-November but in many cases it is seen in late December or early January.

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