A fire at a commercial building in Japan has killed at least 26 people

A fire at a commercial building in the Japanese city of Osaka has killed at least 26 people. The fire broke out on Friday.

The fire broke out in an eight-story building, Reuters reported. There was a fire on the fifth floor. A source close to the Osaka city police investigation team said the building was believed to have been set on fire, Kido News reported. An investigation has been started.

The Osaka City Fire Department said 26 people were feared dead. One person was injured in the accident, they said. The death toll from any accident in Japan is not immediately known. So it is thought that those 26 people died.

Japan’s state television NHK has released a video of the incident. It can be seen that smoke is coming out from the fifth floor of the building. There is a mental clinic there. The fire was reported after the clinic opened at around 10 am today. Within 30 minutes, the occupants of the building were evacuated.

On the other floor of the building is an English medium school, a beauty salon, NHK reported. An eyewitness said a woman was screaming through the window for help.

Earlier, an animated fire broke out in Kyoto, Japan. More than 30 people lost their lives in that incident in 2019.

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