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A group of wolves escaped the fence, closed zoo

There was a group of wolves inside the security fence of the zoo. The visitors were outside. In this way, the zoo authorities were carrying out activities without any hindrance day after day. But suddenly one day the situation changed. The group of wolves escaped by climbing the security fence. The entire zoo was evacuated for safety reasons. The zoo has to be closed temporarily.

A BBC report on Saturday said the incident took place in the southern French city of Montreal-Labesoni. The wolves were at the Trios de Valles zoo there. The wolves first broke through the security fence last week. The group then climbed the fence and fled. There were nine wolves in this group.

According to the zoo authorities, the wolves could not cross the zoo even though they escaped. Wandered freely inside. Fabian Cholet, an official there, said there were few visitors to the zoo at the time of the incident. There was no danger to them. The wolves did not attack anyone.

Authorities quickly closed the zoo after the incident. And even though they escaped, the wolves were not saved. Four of the nine wolves were shot dead. Authorities say they were behaving “dangerously.” The other five wolves were knocked unconscious and brought back inside the enclosure. The runaway wolves have been returned, but the zoo is not yet open. Fabian Cholet said the zoo would be closed until security breaches were eliminated. It could be opened in mid-January.

“The wolves were recently brought to the zoo,” said Subher Ferreira, owner of the zoo. The animals may not be accustomed to the new environment yet. The zoo is located on a total area of ​​more than 60 hectares. There are more than six hundred animals including monkeys and lions.

Earlier, the French government had temporarily closed the zoo. In October of this year, the country’s Minister of Ecological Transition, Barbara Pompeii, ordered the closure, citing a lack of safety for workers and animal welfare. A few days later, a court in the country quashed the minister’s order.

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