A new CFO Bent Faurskov has been appointed by LEB iBond

According to a recent news update, Bent Faurskov has been appointed by LED iBond as Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Inside News

Bent Faurskov has 25 years of experience working as CFO for different international and listed companies. Recently, he was CFO of ChemoMetec A/S, Danish Listed Company. Before joining them, he was holding the same position at different companies including Dahlhoff Larsen & Hornerman, Agillic, and Transcom.

Martin Lobel CEO iBond Says:

“I’m glad to welcome our new CFO of LED ibond Bent Faurskov. He has excellent financial experience and expertise to run different companies that’s why he’ll be a valuable addition to our company. He’ll surely play a major role in current transformation and will accelerate our growth in terms of commercial potential”.

He further added that “I’m sure Bent will be the best yet strong CFO for our company and I’m looking forward to working with him along with my management team”.

However, Bent will take his new position in LED ibond on 11th august 2022. He has taken over the position of Carl Peter who was CFO before and will continue his position until Bent officially takes over the seat.

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