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A person who came to Gujarat from Zimbabwe found infected with Omicron

A man from Zimbabwe in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India, has been diagnosed with a new, dangerous form of coronavirus. The state health department said the information. With this, three people in the country were attacked by this new type of corona. News from NDTV.

The resident of Jamnagar area was identified as Kovid-19 patient last Thursday. His samples were sent for genome sequencing after the corona test yielded positive results.

Citing the state health department, PTI reported that Gujarat Health Commissioner Joy Prakash Shivahari had confirmed that the man had contracted amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

The area where the infected person is located after arriving in the country from Zimbabwe has been identified as a small area of ​​infection. Gujarat officials are now taking steps to identify and test those who come in contact with him.

Manoj Agarwal, additional chief secretary of the state’s health and family welfare department, told ANI: “We have kept the man in isolation and kept an eye on him. The area where he lives has been turned into a micro containment zone. Work is underway to identify the people there and bring them under examination. ‘

One of the other two people infected with amyloid in India is a 48-year-old doctor from Bangalore. Earlier, he had taken two doses of Corona. He has no history of traveling outside the country. He had symptoms of fever and body aches. The third person is a citizen of South Africa. He recently came to India with a Covid-19 negative certificate.

In India, the government has stepped up coronary screening and surveillance of all those coming from abroad for amniotic fluid detection; Especially those coming from high-risk countries, including South Africa.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says it could take weeks to determine the potential for immunocompromising infections and the severity of current treatments and vaccines against such infections.

However, the Amicron type has already cracked the world’s confidence in trying to overcome the Corona epidemic. So far, the infection has been detected in at least 25 countries.

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