Adele’s Weight Loss Journey of 100 Pounds

Adele is a singer and songwriter who has won multiple Grammy Awards. She is known for her powerful voice and her soulful songs. Recently, Adele has been in the news for her weight loss. Adele has lost a significant amount of weight and she looks amazing! In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how Adele was able to lose weight and keep it off.

Adele’s Weight Loss Journey

Adele began her weight loss journey in early 2020. She started out by cutting sugar and carbs from her diet. She also reduced her portion sizes and began eating more healthy foods.

She also started working out with a personal trainer. Adele worked out three to four times per week. In addition to working out, She also began doing yoga and Pilates.

Adele’s hard work paid off and she was able to lose a significant amount of weight. She looks amazing and she feels great! Adele is an inspiration to many people who are trying to lose weight. If she can do it, anyone can!


Below are some commonly asked questions about Adele’s weight loss.

How Did Adele Lose the Weight?

Adele has not revealed exactly how she lost weight, but it is speculated that she followed either the Sirtfood Diet or the 52 Intermittent Fasting Diet. Both diets promote weight loss through calorie restriction and focus on eating healthy, nutrient-rich foods.

How Much Weight Did Adele Lose?

Adele is said to have lost 100 pounds (45 kg). Her weight loss journey started in 2019 and she has kept the weight off since then.

What is Adele’s Current Weight

Adele’s current weight is 63 kg, her BMI is now within the Healthy range at 25.5. Prior to her weight loss, her BMI was 35, which placed her in the Obese range.

Does Adele Workout?

Adele does workout, but she does not reveal much about her routine. It is speculated that she follows a combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercise. She also reportedly enjoys hiking and trail running.


Adele’s weight loss journey has been a hot topic ever since she first debuted her new look in 2019. While she has not revealed all of the details about how she lost the weight, we do know that she followed a healthy diet and incorporated exercise into her routine. If you’re looking to lose weight yourself, consider following a similar plan!

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