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Afghan Taliban, ordered clothes to hide face to women: Burqa that covers the whole body is “best”

The Ministry of the Propagation and Discipline of the Taliban Interim Administration, an Islamist organization in Afghanistan, announced that women must cover their faces except for their eyes with cloth in public. If he does not comply, his father and other close relatives may be imprisoned, or if the man is a civil servant, he may be dismissed.

The ministry said the best was the blue “burqa” that covers the whole body. Most Afghan women wear scarves that hide their hair, but many do not hide their faces in urban areas such as the capital Kabul.

The wearing of burqa in public was forced by women when the Taliban came to power from 1996 to 2001.

Following the announcement, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) issued a statement on the same day that it was “deeply concerned that it was inconsistent with the respect and protection of women’s human rights that the Taliban had expressed,” and immediately consulted with the Taliban. In addition to asking for, he said he would consult with other international organizations.

The United States and others have already discontinued Afghan development assistance and imposed sanctions on the country’s banking system.

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