After Xinjiang, Chinese General Peng took charge of Hong Kong

Beijing has appointed former paramilitary chief Peng Xintang as the new commander of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in Hong Kong. Chinese state broadcaster CCTV reported Xintang’s appointment on Sunday, citing a PLA spokesman. News Reuters.

Army Major General Peng Jintang previously served as Deputy Chief of Staff of the People’s Armed Police, a Chinese paramilitary police force. After the signing of the appointment of Chinese President Xi Jinping, it will become a state order, the CCTV report said.

Peng previously served as chief of staff of the Armed Police Force in Xinjiang, according to China’s state-run daily Global Times. China has accused the United States of carrying out genocide against Uighurs and other Muslim groups in Xinjiang. Beijing, however, has denied the allegations.

China has a military presence in the semi-autonomous region of Hong Kong. However, their activities are conducted on a small scale. According to the Hong Kong Constitution, the center of world trade, Beijing has control over matters such as the constitution, defense and foreign affairs.

After being appointed Hong Kong’s military chief, Peng said he would follow orders from China’s ruling Communist Party and President Xi Jinping, according to CCTV reports. He will firmly defend the interests of national sovereignty and security.

China came to power in Hong Kong in 1997 with a promise to protect the personal rights of all. But pro-democracy activists and human rights groups say Hong Kong’s human rights have been curtailed. Especially after the enactment of China’s National Security Act in 2019 amid violent protests by democrats.

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