An explosion at a courthouse in Punjab, India, killed two

At least two people have been killed in an explosion at a courthouse in India’s Punjab district of Ludhiana. The accident took place around 12:30 pm on Thursday.

At least four people were seriously injured in the blast, according to Indian media NDTV. The blast took place in a toilet of the building.

Police have cordoned off the building. However, the cause of the explosion was not known. The police have not yet informed about this.

Police said the blast took place on the third floor. The walls and glass of the building were broken. Firefighters are on the scene.

The court building is next to the district commissioner’s office in Ludhiana, Punjab. The court building and the commissioner’s office are in the city center.

The news agency ANI reported that court proceedings were underway at the time of the blast. The building where the blast took place has eight courtrooms.

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