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Anne Hollander Named One of CRE’s Best Bosses by GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum

Lobby CRE CEO Receives Prestigious Recognition for Exceptional Leadership

Anne Hollander, the CEO of Lobby CRE, has been named one of commercial real estate’s (CRE) “Best Bosses” by GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum. This recognition acknowledges Hollander’s impressive financial prowess and exceptional people skills as a transformational and innovative executive.

Lobby CRE:

An Asset Management Powerhouse Lobby CRE is an asset management software platform that helps optimize cash flow and deliver faster, more predictable returns to sponsors and investors. The company’s success is a testament to the exceptional team behind it, as well as its innovative technology. Hollander credits the team’s strength, unity, and creativity as the key differentiators of the company’s success in navigating the real estate industry’s increasingly volatile capital markets.

Evaluating Employee Perspectives

The “Best Bosses” list was determined by evaluating data collected from employees’ viewpoints. The awardees were chosen based on their resiliency and ability to position their companies for future growth. The recognized leaders closely monitor industry and workforce trends, display attentiveness to the well-being and success of staff, and offer transparent communication to employees and colleagues.

Hollander’s Background and Philosophy

Hollander’s extensive background in strategic planning, partnership development, and product development has enabled her to recognize and develop exceptional talent. She is dedicated to helping team members thrive in their careers and advocates for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Her leadership philosophy is rooted in supporting and developing every team member’s unique talents and creativity.

“A Pleasure to Collaborate With” Shelley Cernel, the Vice President of Marketing at Thirty Capital, praised Hollander’s leadership skills, saying, “Anne is a pleasure to collaborate with and take leadership from. She’s a patient and clear communicator and effectively conveys her vision in an inspiring way, and welcomes input. She recognizes the potential in people and supports them in developing their unique strengths, which better equips us to serve our diverse client base. At the end of the day, she makes our jobs easier and motivates everybody to deliver the best work.”


Anne Hollander’s recognition as one of CRE’s “Best Bosses” by GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum is well-deserved. Her exceptional leadership skills, background in strategic planning, and commitment to supporting and developing team members make her a valuable asset to Lobby CRE and the Thirty Capital ecosystem.


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