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Best ways of dealing with heavy water leaks in the rainy season!

Home is the reason we feel safe and secure in this world. It serves us comfort, security, and a family to feel good about. But sometimes this very home becomes stressful for us. A crack comes here, a crack comes there, the paint falls, rain drips through the roof, and whatnot! Not all get to get experts’ intervention at time. What to do in case your roof is leaking in the monsoon? If you live in Coimbatore and are looking for architects in Coimbatore, consult us. We are the best renovations experts in India and will be able to serve you smiles. But what if you live at a location where the help is far to come?

Raindrops keep falling on your head, and just like the guy whose heart is crying for shed and sleep with peace on bed, you look for solutions. And here are some.

How to deal with roof and water leaks in the rainy season!

When it comes to leaks, there are some that get visible. But on the other hand there are slow leaks. These leaks do not trouble in the short term but are terrible in the long run. Slow leaks are like the slow poison that you fail to notice until the grave comes nearby. We do not mean to scare you but warn you. There are ways that you can find out about slow leaks. We’ll be telling you all. But first, let us discuss how to deal with leaking roofs in rain.

1 – Finding the place of a leak!

The tendency of water is such that it oozes out from the smallest of the places. This is why it takes an expert to build a perfect home. We always recommend people to hire good architects. Look for good architects in Coimbatore, Delhi, Pune, or wherever you are in India, but do not compromise on quality and expertise.

Now, major leaks happen at some primary locations that you need to consider. Here are a few examples of where to look for,

  • The flow pipe on the roof might be damaged or not properly sealed. Sometimes these flow pipes are near to other fitting pipes like electrical fittings. This way the water leaks through the rainwater pipe to electrical fittings and down. It is the most terrible situation. The first piece of advice is to keep your electrical fitting pipes and water pipes at a distance.
  • There could be leaks in the skylight window, vent pipe, chimney, etc. Look for the possible ways the water could come through inside the house.
  • Many times the shingles get damaged and make way for the water to enter your home.
  • If you have a flat roof, look for cracks in the roof. Also, observe the edges where the roof meets the wall. Sometimes these two separate and gap creates trouble.
  • If you have gutter pipes installed then look for any clogging. If they are clogged, the water will not find a way to go out and thus will drip down from the edges.

Once you have identified the leaks, it is time to get it treated. Know that big leaks require expert intervention. Do not deal with them yourself. You might be damaging your home further and closing the space for even the experts. We have seen people applying cement at all the wrong locations and then we had to break it all completely.

2 – Treat the leaks!

Depending upon where the leak is in your home and in what amount, the treatment sees a change. For example, if there is a small gap near the chimney pipe, the cement works well. We are the best renovations experts in India that you might want to consult if you have expert level issues in your home.

Here is what to do –

If the leak is near the chimney, you might want to use the roof sealant and apply it to the place where it is required. If the shingles are damaged nearby, replace them. The best way to divert water away from the chimney is to use chimney crickets. These divert the water running down and not let it hurt the back side.

If the leak is near the vent pipe, it could be a broken pipe or a damaged pipe boot. In both cases, you need a replacement. If the pipe is broken then you might need to call an expert as this will be a tough job for you to handle. If the boot is broken, you can do it by yourself. Buy a new vent pipe boot; remove the old sealant from the old boot; put new sealant; put the new boot over the old one. It works great.

Then it could be your clogged gutter. Clogged gutters do not let water pass freely, which then finds new ways of flowing out. Sometimes these new ways lead to your interiors.

Flat roof leaks are often the hardest one to fix because there is no slope to let water flow down. One of the big reasons that flat roofs leak much is improper lanter or concrete roof. It needs the expertise to pull it out with perfection. With time the roof sees cracks. These cracks then make way for water to seep in. The best way is to put a new layer of cement on the roof if the leaks are large. Try cementing the smaller cracks and see if it helps. Also, look if the pipes on the roof are clogged or broken from the inside.

3 – Look for slow leaks!

Many homes see slow leaks that are invisible. Although these leaks do not put obstacles in the daily livelihood, they threaten the long-term strength. Slow leaks reach the depth of the walls and foundations and thus weaken it. The iron used in the process gets rusted due to oxidation. This threatens the very existence of the home. What are the signs that your home might be facing slow leaks?

  • The walls stay wet and moist most of the time.
  • The paint is peeling down from your home.
  • Your indoors have a musty smell and have poor walls. For example, the texture of wall paint has changed.
  • There is rust into your interior fittings.

The best way is to use a water leak detector. If it is unable to find the leak then you might have to cut through the wall. Do not do it yourself. Call an expert.

Just like our own bodies, our homes need time to time renovations. We are a team of expert designers and architects in Coimbatore and have been helping people for over 3 decades. We are the best renovations experts in India and could help you detect hidden issues in your home. Consult us to know if your home needs treatment or not.

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