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Bipin’s helicopter crashed 6 minutes before landing

The helicopter carrying Indian Defense Minister Bipin Rawat crashed just seven minutes before landing. Defense chief Bipin Rawat, his wife and 13 others were killed. India’s NDTV reports that a video has surfaced of the helicopter crash in Tamil Nadu around noon on Wednesday.

The helicopter carrying Bipin Rawat flew from an airport in Sulur, near Tamil Nadu. He was going to a Defense Service Staff College located at Urahgamanralam in the state. According to a source, it started its journey 20 minutes before the Nilgiris crashed. It started its journey at 11:48. At 12:06, its radio communication was cut off.

An eyewitness recorded the video from the ground just before the helicopter crashed. The news agency ANI has collected the video from the locals. It was later revealed on ANI’s Twitter account. However, the Indian Air Force has not commented on the authenticity of the video.

The video shows the Mi-17V5 helicopter flying. Soon it was lost in the mist. At that moment, the person next to the video recorder was heard saying, ‘What happened? Did it break? ’Another replied,‘ Yes ’.

Meanwhile, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh made a statement in the Indian Parliament on Thursday about the helicopter crash. He also met President Ramnath Kobinder.

Rajnath Singh said the black box or flight data recorder of the wrecked helicopter had already been recovered. It will be possible to find out the cause of the accident quickly.

Rajnath further said that the funeral of General Bipin Rawat would be performed with full military honors. Funerals of other military personnel will be conducted with due military honors.

According to NDTV, the Russian-made helicopter had five crew members and nine passengers out of 14 passengers. Among the passengers were Bipin Rawat and his wife Madhulika Rawat. The helicopter crashed in the Nilgiri Hills area of ​​Tamil Nadu at 12:20 pm. The Indian Air Force reported the accident around 2 p.m.

A few hours later, it was reported that 13 of the 14 people on board the helicopter had died. However, no information was available about the condition of Bipin Rawat. In the evening, the Indian Air Force confirmed the deaths of 13 people, including Bipin Rawat.

Air Chief Marshal Fali H Major was surprised by the helicopter crash in such a short time. “It’s 20 to 25 minutes from Sulur to Wellington,” he told NDTV. It’s hard to imagine what went wrong in such a short time. ”

Other military officials are also working on the issue. The helicopter carrying Indian Defense Minister Bipin Rawat is one of the most reliable helicopters of the Indian Air Force. Not only military officers, but also the President and Prime Minister of the country use MI-17V5 helicopters.

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