Bitcoin is at the lowest price since January, selling linked to stock price depreciation

Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency (virtual currency), fell to the lowest price since January this year on the 9th. Stock prices are inviting sales and are being lowered in tandem with risk assets such as high-tech stocks ..

It temporarily dropped to $ 33,266, approaching the January low of $ 32,951. If it falls below this level, it will be the lowest since July last year.

However, it has been around $ 33,500 since then.

“Any crypto asset still seems to be classified as a risk asset, and like Nasdaq, most cryptocurrencies are on sale,” said Matt Div, Chief Operating Officer of Stack Funds (Singapore). It pointed out.

Ether, which has the second largest market capitalization after Bitcoin, hit the transaction on the 9th at $ 2421, the lowest since late February.

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