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Brink’s Hires Elizabeth Galloway as Chief Human Resources Officer

The Brink’s Company (NYSE: BCO) has announced the appointment of Elizabeth A. Galloway as the new executive vice president and chief human resources officer, effective May 15th. This move by the leading global provider of cash and valuables management, digital retail solutions, and ATM managed services is set to bolster the company’s talent management strategy, and drive its growth ambitions.


A Human Capital Strategist Joins Brink’s


Galloway, a seasoned human resources executive, brings two decades of experience in the development of human capital strategy. She will join the executive leadership team at Brink’s and report directly to President and Chief Executive Officer Mark Eubanks. With her proven track record of planning and executing organizational transformation, Galloway is expected to help drive Brink’s employee experience to new heights.


A Proven Leader in HR Strategy and Design


According to Eubanks, Galloway’s expertise in compensation strategy and design, as well as her global leadership experience, will be a tremendous asset to the company. “Talent is a key pillar underpinning our business strategy, and Elizabeth will be critical to fostering an employee experience that inspires excellence and allows everyone to reach their potential,” said Eubanks.


Galloway’s Rich Career Journey


Prior to joining Brink’s, Galloway served as the executive vice president and chief human resources officer at Invitation Homes (NYSE: INVH), where she led all aspects of human resources across the organization. Her responsibilities included developing leadership programs and launching inclusion and diversity strategy. She also held human resources leadership roles at home décor retailer At Home, PepsiCo, Owens Corning, and Marathon Petroleum Company.


An Iconic Brand that Recognizes the Value of People


Galloway is looking forward to joining Brink’s and building on the company’s efforts to establish an inclusive workplace that attracts, develops, and empowers its employees. “Brink’s is an iconic brand and a company that recognizes that people are a company’s most important asset,” said Galloway. “I look forward to fueling the company’s growth strategy by helping to establish a workplace that inspires excellence.”


Academic Credentials


Galloway holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in industrial labor relations from West Virginia University. With her academic background and professional experience, Galloway is set to bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to her new role at Brink’s.


Final Thoughts


Brink’s has a long history of providing top-quality cash and valuables management services worldwide. With Galloway’s appointment as the new chief human resources officer, the company is set to achieve even greater heights in talent management and employee experience. By bringing her experience and skills to bear, Galloway is expected to play a pivotal role in driving the company’s growth strategy and enhancing the overall value of its human capital.


In conclusion, Brink’s has made a strategic move by hiring Galloway, a human capital strategist with a wealth of experience in human resources leadership. With Galloway’s expertise, Brink’s is set to establish an inclusive workplace that inspires excellence, fosters innovation, and drives growth.

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