Children under 4 are also affected by omicron in South Africa

South Africa has entered the fourth wave of the Corona epidemic through an amicron-type infection. However, the country’s health minister Joe Fahla said there was no pressure on hospitals yet. He said this in a news briefing on Friday. Al-Jazeera News

Joe Fahla said new such entities have been found in seven of South Africa’s nine provinces. Hopefully, this type will not take the lives of too many people. He urged the people to take two doses of the vaccine. He said that this is the best protection against amicron.

The country’s health minister has said he hopes South Africa can be protected from emissions without a drastic lockdown. “We can handle the fourth wave,” he told a news briefing. We can handle amicron. In this case, we know the main thing to do. We have a festive season ahead. ”

Mitchell Groom, a leading scientist at the National Institute for Communicable Diseases in South Africa, said that in a very short period of time, the number of microbial infections in South Africa has increased dramatically. The infection is spreading from younger to older.

The hospital needs to keep beds ready for children, said Mitchell Groom. Because, the number of patients under the age of four is increasing.

Meanwhile, Angelic Quetzi, head of the South African Medical Association, told Al Jazeera: This type seems to spread very fast and so far the symptoms we see in infected people are very small. But we have to be aware of this. Because, we do not know, which patient’s condition will be worse, and who will not. Information about this will be known in the coming days.

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