Chile is concerned about delay that can stop any CAS appeal regarding Ecuador’s 2022 participation

The Chilean Football association is concerned over the delay from FIFA in ruling over Ecuador case of expelling from the 2022 World Cup over fielding an ineligible player.

According to Chilean FA, Bryon Castillo participated in 8 games of World Cup Qualifying matches and those results need to be awarded to opponents. This would also mean that Chile will be qualified for upcoming World cup instead of Ecuador although not essentially yet.

Chile has shown concerns with FIFA that delay in decision on their appeal will make unable for them to appeal to Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) before World Cup as there would be no time left for it.

Jorge Yunge who is the General Secretary of the Chilean Football Association said in media statement, “We have presented compelling evidence that the player is a Colombian citizen, born in Turaco, and that his Ecuadorian documentation is forged.”

Chile formally appealed FIFA on July 1 and asked for the request to the Ecuadorian Federation for providing certain documents that would resolve the case. Yet no response has come. Chile FA also sent and unpublished new documents to FIFA showing irregularities regarding Byron Castillo’s eligibility. Also mentioned that he also need to be called for clarification over the situation. “Apparently, nobody wants to speak to him, which we find surprising…”

The case of sending ineligible player in the field was initially judged by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee on June 10, 2022.

On June 29, FIFA received the response by the Ecuadorian Football Federation and June 30th, Chilean FA told FIFA of its attention to appeal the decision in case of result doesn’t come in favor.

The ruling over appeal will be held by Neil Eggleston who is former White House Counsel in Obama administration.

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