Citi Appoints Terhi Paloheimo as Country Head for Finland, Reinforcing Commitment to Nordic Franchise

SEB’s Former Client Executive Takes the Helm in Helsinki, Leading Citi’s Finnish Franchise


In a strategic move to further strengthen its presence in the Nordic region, global banking giant Citi has announced the appointment of Terhi Paloheimo as the new Country Head (Citi Country Officer) and Head of Corporate Banking for Finland. With an impressive track record in the banking industry, Paloheimo brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new role, which will see her leading Citi’s operations and driving growth in the Finnish market.


A Stellar Career Path


Terhi Paloheimo joins Citi from SEB, where she served in various senior positions over the past decade, culminating in her most recent role as Client Executive within the Large Corporate Coverage division. Paloheimo’s extensive background in the industry and her deep understanding of the Nordic market make her a natural fit for Citi’s expansion plans in the region.


Leading Citi’s Finnish Franchise


Based in Helsinki, Terhi Paloheimo assumes the responsibility of spearheading Citi’s Finnish franchise, taking over from Karolina Burmeister. The former Country Head for Finland has transitioned to a new role as Citi’s Head of Nordic Commercial Banking, stationed in Stockholm. Paloheimo will report directly to Erik Savola, the Nordic Cluster Head and Citi Country Officer for Sweden, who also serves as the co-head of Nordic BCMA (Banking, Capital Markets and Advisory).


A Catalyst for Growth


With her remarkable banking experience, extensive local network, and exceptional leadership skills, Terhi Paloheimo is poised to drive the continued expansion and success of Citi’s Finnish franchise. Erik Savola, the Nordic Cluster Head, expresses his confidence in Paloheimo, stating, “I look forward to the continued growth of our Finnish franchise under Terhi’s leadership. Her extensive banking experience, impressive local network, and leadership skills make her an ideal fit for Citi in the Nordic region.”


Citi’s Long-standing Nordic Legacy


Citi’s presence in the Nordic region spans nearly five decades, with a rich history of serving clients in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. The bank’s commitment to the Nordic franchise, which has been ongoing for over a century, is exemplified by the appointment of Terhi Paloheimo. This key strategic decision underscores Citi’s dedication to expanding its foothold in the region across various sectors and products, cementing its position as a trusted partner for Nordic clients.


Continued Growth and Partnerships


Citi’s appointment of Terhi Paloheimo as Country Head for Finland reflects the bank’s unwavering commitment to fostering growth and cultivating meaningful partnerships in the Nordic region. As the bank continues to strengthen its position, clients across key sectors can look forward to enhanced access to Citi’s extensive suite of financial solutions and global network.


Seizing Opportunities in the Nordic Market


With her extensive banking experience and local expertise, Terhi Paloheimo is well-positioned to capitalize on the myriad opportunities present in the Finnish market. By leveraging Citi’s global resources and expertise, Paloheimo aims to support Finnish corporations and facilitate their access to international markets. This endeavor will not only boost the growth of local businesses but also contribute to the overall economic development of Finland.


A Vision for the Future


As Terhi Paloheimo assumes her new role at the helm of Citi’s Finnish franchise, she brings with her a vision of growth, innovation, and client-centricity. With a strong emphasis on fostering long-term relationships and delivering tailored financial solutions, Paloheimo aims to position Citi as the preferred banking partner for Finnish corporations and institutions.


Citi’s Commitment to Excellence


Throughout its long-standing history in the Nordic region, Citi has established a reputation for excellence, innovation, and superior client service. By combining global expertise with deep local knowledge, the bank has consistently delivered exceptional value to its Nordic clientele. With the appointment of Terhi Paloheimo, Citi further solidifies its commitment to upholding these standards and driving the success of its Finnish operations.




Citi’s appointment of Terhi Paloheimo as Country Head for Finland marks a significant milestone in the bank’s continued expansion and commitment to the Nordic region. Paloheimo’s extensive experience, impressive local network, and leadership skills make her an ideal choice to lead Citi’s Finnish franchise. With her guidance, Citi is poised to reinforce its position as a trusted partner for Nordic clients, offering a comprehensive range of financial solutions and global expertise. As Terhi Paloheimo embarks on this exciting journey, the future looks bright for Citi’s operations in Finland and the broader Nordic market.

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