Fishing Gear That Saves You Space and Helps You Organize

Shopping for a new vehicle becomes arduous for a serious fisherman. Cargo space means so much, since you need to safely pack fishing rods and poles. Although skinny, those long poles can’t bend, so storing them in transit requires a lengthy truck bed or SUV cargo space. Or does it?

Leverage the inventiveness of other fishing aficionados who’ve invented space-saving or space-utilizing gadgets to make fishing trips easier.

Getting Your Gear There Safely

A new invention, the Fishitch (fish + hitch), solves the problem. It turns the trailer hitch of your vehicle into a sturdy, reliable storage space for your fishing poles without impeding your rearview. Fishitch comes in multiple sizes to hold four, six, eight, or 12 fish rods/poles.

Carry Your Gear to Your Campsite or Launch Point

Once you get there, easily carry all of your gear by slinging it over your shoulder. The Lakeside Collection’s durable polyester gear tote uses the shape of a golf bag to stash your gear with loop holders to carry each rod/pole separately. Nothing bangs against each other, and nothing gets tangled up. It holds five rods plus offers zippered compartments and a Velcro closure pocket for quick access to other gear like bait and tackle. Keep your spinners organized.

Organizing Your Gear on Any Boat

On a boat, save space using The Boat Tote. You don’t need to secure this removable drink and gear caddy. It slips onto the boat’s edge and stays put until you remove it. This means you can take it with you on fishing trips near and far. It extends the space on an aluminum boat or canoe. Easily reach your gear and soda while avoiding spills.

With these nifty inventions, you can take all of your gear with you on every trip. Better yet, you’ll keep it organized, so you can easily say yes to last-minute trips without the stress of packing.

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