Germany gets first woman foreign minister

Germany is going to get this first woman foreign minister. Analina Bearbok, co-leader of the country’s Green Party, will take over the new government post. The announcement was made by the party on Thursday.

The Social Democrat SPD, the Liberal FDP and the Green Party have formed an alliance to form a government in Germany, the AFP news agency reported. The journey of this coalition government will start next month. Earlier, the Green Party announced that 40-year-old Analina would become foreign minister. He was an athlete.

Analina hinted at what Germany’s foreign policy would be like before taking power. He says he will take a firm stand on Russia and China. He also hinted at taking a firm stand on human rights and the rule of law.

Analina will head the finance, energy and climate ministries, known as the “super-ministry”, Green Party manager Michael Kelner said in a statement on the new government. Michael Kellner himself will be the Vice Chancellor.

Analina ran against incumbent Chancellor Angela Merkel in last September’s election. But he lost. In addition, his party received 15 percent of the vote. However, the party is returning to power after 16 years with this vote. Olaf Shaltz, the leader of the allied APD, is the chancellor.

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