Hong Kong’s pro-democracy tycoon Jimmy Lai has been convicted

Three people, including Jimmy Lais, a media mogul from Hong Kong, China’s semi-autonomous region, have been convicted of involvement in the Tiananmen massacre. The verdict was handed down on Thursday after a series of legal proceedings against those involved in the banned Tiananmen movement.

Jimmy Lai owns the Apple Daily, known in Hong Kong as a pro-democracy party. Chinese authorities recently canceled the publication of the newspaper. A Hong Kong district court has convicted journalist Zenith Ho and prominent human rights lawyer Chou Hong Tung of taking part in the protest illegally.

On June 4, 1969, the ruling Communist government of China shot dead hundreds of students and workers in a demonstration in Tiananmen Square demanding democracy. China has since banned any talks on the incident.

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy politicians took part in a protest last year to mark the anniversary. The three protesters went to court to challenge the charges against them.

In August last year, seven people, including Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lais, were arrested under the new National Security Act. He is one of the most outspoken critics of China. Jimmy Lai is currently in prison.

Beijing enacted a new national security law on July 1, 2020 to tighten control over Hong Kong. Democrats in Hong Kong have previously feared the law would undermine the country’s remaining independence and autonomy.

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