In Afghanistan, the Taliban disqualified the Election Commission

The Taliban has disqualified Afghanistan’s election commission. A spokesman for the Taliban said in a statement that Qatar-based media outlet Al Jazeera had provided the information. Elections were held in Afghanistan under the auspices of the Western-backed administration.

Regarding the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC), Bilal Karimi, a spokesman for the Taliban government, said on Saturday that there was no need for such commissions. The Islamic Emirate will revive the commission if we deem it necessary. ”

Karimi added that two more government ministries had been closed this week. Those are peace issues and parliamentary issues. Earlier, the Taliban closed the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.

On August 15, the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, removing the Western-backed government. According to the Election Commission’s website, the IEC was formed in 2006. This organization had the obligation to conduct elections and observe all types of elections.

The head of the agency, Aurangzeb, who had been in office since the fall of the previous government, told AFP: “They have made this decision in a hurry and disqualifying the commission will have far-reaching consequences. Without this organization, I am 100% sure that the problem of Afghanistan will never be solved. There will be no election one day. ‘

Halim Fidai, a senior politician in the newly ousted government, said the decision proved the Taliban did not believe in democracy. They are against all democratic institutions. They came to power with bullets, not ballots.

Faidi has been the governor of four provinces for the last 20 years. Several election officials were killed by the armed forces before the Taliban came to power.

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