Li-Cycle and Glencore Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Battery Recycling in Europe

Li-Cycle and Glencore’s Joint Venture

In a groundbreaking partnership, Canadian battery recycler Li-Cycle Holdings Corp and Swiss miner and commodity trader Glencore Plc have announced plans to develop a state-of-the-art battery recycling hub in Portovesme, Italy. This collaboration aims to produce vital battery materials, including lithium, to meet the surging demand for lithium-ion batteries and support the global transition towards net-zero emissions.


Growing Demand for Lithium

With the world moving towards greener energy solutions, the demand for lithium, a critical component in lithium-ion batteries, has skyrocketed. These batteries are essential for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage systems, both of which play a pivotal role in the global shift to net-zero emissions. Li-Cycle had previously announced in March that it would be constructing a French battery processing facility in response to this rising demand.


Feasibility Study Underway

The two industry giants have committed to completing a joint feasibility study for the proposed Italian recycling hub by mid-2024. This study will assess the economic, technical, and environmental aspects of the project, ensuring its viability and potential for success. With a careful and thorough analysis, Li-Cycle and Glencore aim to create a sustainable, profitable, and environmentally responsible venture.


Investment Decision and Commissioning Timeline

Upon completion of the feasibility study and a final investment decision, the commissioning of the recycling hub in Portovesme, Italy, is expected to commence between late 2026 and early 2027. This ambitious timeline underscores the urgency and commitment of both companies to address the burgeoning demand for lithium and other critical battery materials in the European market.


Portovesme Hub’s Processing Capacity

The proposed Portovesme Hub is expected to boast an impressive processing capacity of up to 50,000 to 70,000 tonnes of black mass annually. This translates to the equivalent of up to 36 gigawatt-hours of lithium-ion batteries. Such capacity will position the facility as a major player in the European battery recycling market, contributing significantly to the sustainable management of end-of-life batteries.


Glencore’s Investment in Li-Cycle

Glencore’s confidence in Li-Cycle is further demonstrated by its $200 million investment in the company last year. This strategic investment highlights the growing importance of battery recycling in the global race to reduce carbon emissions and underscores the critical role that companies like Li-Cycle and Glencore play in shaping the future of sustainable energy.


Impact on European Battery Market

This partnership between Li-Cycle and Glencore is poised to transform the European battery market by establishing a reliable and efficient recycling infrastructure. The recycling hub will not only ensure the sustainable management of end-of-life batteries but also contribute to the circular economy by recovering valuable materials and reintroducing them into the supply chain.


Opportunities for Local Communities

The construction and operation of the recycling hub in Portovesme will generate numerous benefits for the local community, including job creation and economic development. This project will foster new skills and expertise in the growing field of battery recycling and sustainability, further positioning Italy as a leader in the European green energy transition.


Emphasis on Sustainability

Li-Cycle and Glencore’s commitment to developing a sustainable recycling hub underscores the importance of environmental responsibility in the modern business landscape. By investing in advanced recycling technologies and processes, the companies aim to minimize the environmental impact of battery production and disposal while maximizing the recovery of valuable materials.



The partnership between Li-Cycle Holdings Corp and Glencore Plc marks a significant milestone in the European battery recycling industry. The development of the Portovesme Hub will not only address the growing demand for lithium-ion batteries but also demonstrate the vital role of sustainable practices in supporting the global transition towards net-zero emissions. As the demand for electric vehicles and renewable energy solutions continues to surge, strategic collaborations like this one between Li-Cycle and Glencore will become increasingly crucial in shaping a greener, more sustainable future.


By establishing a state-of-the-art battery recycling hub, the two companies are poised to make a significant impact on the European battery market and contribute to the global efforts to combat climate change. Through innovative technologies and a focus on sustainability, Li-Cycle and Glencore are set to redefine the battery recycling landscape and position themselves as key players in the rapidly evolving green energy sector.


The success of this partnership will ultimately depend on the companies’ ability to navigate the complex regulatory environment, maintain strong relationships with stakeholders, and continue to innovate in an ever-changing industry landscape. With their combined expertise and resources, Li-Cycle and Glencore are well-equipped to meet these challenges and drive positive change in the European battery recycling market.


In conclusion, the strategic partnership between Li-Cycle and Glencore represents a significant leap forward for the European battery recycling industry. By developing the Portovesme Hub, these companies are set to play a vital role in promoting sustainability, supporting the circular economy, and facilitating the global shift towards cleaner, greener energy solutions. As the world continues to embrace electric vehicles and renewable energy storage systems, the need for efficient and sustainable battery recycling infrastructure will only continue to grow, making projects like the Portovesme Hub more critical than ever before.


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