MTR Nordic Signs Green Lease Contract, Moves Office to Mineralvattenfabriken in Hagastaden”

Revitalizing the historical charm of Hagastaden, Atrium Ljungberg has struck a significant deal with MTR Nordic. The lease contract, known as a ‘green lease contract,’ demonstrates their joint commitment to environmental sustainability. MTR Nordic, an established player in the Swedish market, is relocating its office to the iconic Mineralvattenfabriken building in Hagastaden. This move marks another milestone in the development of this district, which is attracting an increasing number of tech and knowledge-intensive companies.


Embracing Accessibility and Growth:

MTR Nordic, known for its role in managing Stockholm’s underground and commuter trains, is set to relocate its head office from DN Skrapan to the newly offered space at Mineralvattenfabriken. This move signifies their commitment to providing improved accessibility and shorter commuting distances for their employees. By establishing themselves in Hagastaden, MTR Nordic aims to actively participate in the district’s development and grow alongside it.


Hagastaden’s Vibrant Community:

The recently signed lease contract with MTR Nordic adds to the list of new tenants in Mineralvattenfabriken, further enhancing its vibrant community. Joining esteemed companies such as Zmarta Group, Wolt, and Kry, the property has become a preferred choice for businesses. Hagastaden also boasts several shopping centers, a hotel, and a variety of dining options, including rooftop bars, creating a dynamic environment for residents and workers alike.


Atrium Ljungberg’s Vision for Hagastaden:

As one of the leading property developers in Hagastaden, Atrium Ljungberg has an extensive portfolio comprising converted industrial buildings and modern office blocks. The neighboring PV-Palatset is currently undergoing renovations to accommodate modern offices with an industrial feel, scheduled for occupancy in 2024. Another notable landmark, Industricentralen, houses diverse tenants, including architectural offices and galleries. With the district’s ambitious plan to create 50,000 jobs and 6,000 new apartments by 2030, Hagastaden is rapidly evolving into a thriving hub.


A Sustainable Fit:

The decision of MTR Nordic to embrace the ‘green lease contract’ aligns perfectly with Atrium Ljungberg’s vision for sustainability. By committing to joint measures aimed at retaining or improving the environmental performance of the premises, both parties set an example for others in the industry. MTR Nordic’s dedication to creating a sustainable society complements the tenant mix within Mineralvattenfabriken and enhances the district’s overall appeal.


Community Responses:

Catarina Lennartsson, the Leasing Manager at Atrium Ljungberg, expressed her delight in welcoming MTR Nordic to Hagastaden. She noted the increasing interest in the area, particularly among tech firms and knowledge-intensive companies attracted to its industrial heritage. Lennartsson emphasized that MTR Nordic’s focus on sustainability would make them a valuable addition to the diverse tenant community.


Future Prospects:

With Hagastaden’s promising growth trajectory, plans are underway for one of the city’s largest park projects to connect the district with Haga Park. This ambitious endeavor aims to further enhance the connectivity and livability of the area. As the district evolves, more opportunities for businesses and individuals to thrive are expected to emerge.



The lease contract between Atrium Ljungberg and MTR Nordic marks a significant milestone in the development of Hagastaden. By securing the iconic Mineralvattenfabriken building, MTR Nordic reinforces its commitment to accessibility and growth. Atrium Ljungberg’s focus on sustainability is exemplified through the ‘green lease contract’ signed with MTR Nordic, promoting joint efforts to improve the environmental performance of the premises. As Hagastaden continues to attract an array of companies and undergo exciting transformations, it solidifies its position as a vibrant and sustainable district at the heart of Stockholm.

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