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Proact Named Top Managed Services Provider in Germany

Proact, Europe’s leading independent data centre and cloud services provider, has been recognized as a leading managed services provider (MSP) in Germany. The iSCM Institute conducted a customer assessment of cloud partners and MSPs on behalf of ChannelPartner and COMPUTERWOCHE, in which Proact was ranked within the top three among the best managed services providers in its revenue category. The award was presented at the Channel meets Cloud Conference 2023.

Customer Assessment Ranks Proact as a Leading MSP in Germany

Proact’s ranking as a leading MSP in Germany is based on the results of a customer assessment of cloud partners and MSPs conducted by iSCM Institute on behalf of ChannelPartner and COMPUTERWOCHE. The assessment compiles its rankings by regularly asking companies in Germany how satisfied they are with the services of their cloud partners and MSPs.

The customer assessment reflects the progress of IT projects carried out over the past two years. Within the scope of this study, the IT leaders of customer companies were surveyed regarding to what extent they would recommend their MSP partner to others.

Proact Recognizes the Importance of Customer Feedback

According to Marc Boland, Director Service Operations, Proact Deutschland GmbH, “This survey is a crucial measure for identifying both our strengths and areas for improvement. Its customer-driven nature enables a great performance comparison with the market. We welcome this positive result and will use insights gained through this survey to further enhance our services for our customers.”

Proact is committed to expanding its managed services abilities for its customers. Business Unit Director Central, René Schülein says, “Customer appreciation is the most meaningful award we can receive. We are delighted to see that our hard work and commitment to expanding our managed services abilities for our customers is being recognized.”


Proact’s ranking as a leading MSP in Germany is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing high-quality cloud and managed services to its customers. The customer assessment conducted by iSCM Institute highlights Proact’s dedication to customer satisfaction and its ability to deliver on its promises. As Proact continues to expand its managed services abilities, it will remain a top choice for companies in Germany and beyond.

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