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Protests in Sudan oppose a deal with the army

Protests have broken out in several cities, including the capital, Khartoum, against the agreement reached between the Sudanese army and Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdak. The protest took place on Thursday, local time. This information has been revealed from the report of the news agency Reuters.

Abdallah Hamdak signed a memorandum of understanding with the military last Sunday to restore civilian rule in Sudan. According to the agreement, Hamdak will lead the technocrat government during the political transition process until 2023. He will share power with the army. Sudan’s main political parties and various organizations have opposed the deal. Many have called it a betrayal. Protesters say the coup will provide political asylum.

On Thursday, protesters in Khartoum’s Al Daim area chanted slogans, “This is a people’s revolution.” Army, go back to the barracks. ”They also demanded justice for those killed in previous protests.

Protesters blocked a main road in the Sahafa area around the capital. They had the Sudanese flag in their hands. Mentioning the name of military leader Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, they chanted slogans, “Burhan, I do not want your rule, I do not want military rule.”

Demonstrations have taken place in various cities, including Port Sudan, Casala, Wad Madani, and El Ginina in western Darfur. The protests were broadcast live on social media.

Separately, the United Nations said it had received reports of at least 43 people being killed in inter-communal violence in the Jebel Moon area of ​​western Darfur since November 18. 48 villages have been burnt. There has also been looting.

“We are concerned about the alleged rape of women and the disappearance of 20 children,” said a UN mission in Sudan.

After three decades in power, the Sudanese army ousted the government of President Omar al-Bashir in 2019. Since then, the country has been ruled by military and civilian governments, sharing power. On October 25, the Sudanese army staged a coup and took full control of state power.

In a coup, Sudan’s army chief, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, toppled the country’s interim government and declared a state of emergency. Sudan’s interim Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdak was placed under house arrest. Influential ministers and politicians of the country were arrested. However, the Sudanese army lifted the ban on the movement of house arrester Abdullah Hamdak after an agreement was reached with the army on Sunday. The troops were evacuated from the front of his house in the capital, Khartoum.

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