Questions about the leadership of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

The Tories have never lost a seat in central North Shropshire, England, in 200 years of history. Even two years ago, the party was very popular here. But last Thursday’s by-election in that constituency turned upside down. News AFP.
The party of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has lost to the Liberal Democrats. With this, he came under fire from the leaders of the party on Friday. The question has started to arise with his leadership.

Boris Johnson, who has been criticized for several scandals in the UK, was hit hard last Tuesday. Hundreds of lawmakers from his party revolted against the introduction of vaccine passes at large events.

In addition to allegations of corruption against Johnson’s administration, allegations of coronavirus violations by his officials grew last year. Added to this is the new dangerous type of corona, pushing the infection of omicron. Last Thursday, 69,000 corona were identified in the country. With this, the record of corona identification has been recorded for two consecutive days in the country.

Earlier, in 2019, the Tory party won 23,000 votes in the Shropshire election, which is considered their safe seat. But in this election, the party lost by 6,000 votes. Helen Morgan, the Liberal Democrat candidate who won the election, said residents of North Shropshire spoke on behalf of the people of the country. The day of Boris Johnson’s team is over.

Helen added, “Your government has resorted to lies and boasting. To be held accountable. The government has to test. The government will be challenged and defeated. ‘

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