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Senior Barclays Technology Banker Joins Citigroup in New York Amidst Resignation Wave

In a surprising move that adds to the growing exodus of top investment bankers from Barclays Plc, Ed Wehle, a seasoned technology banker, has tendered his resignation to join U.S. rival Citigroup Inc in New York. The internal memo seen by Reuters confirmed Wehle’s departure and revealed his new role as the global head of technology services at Citigroup. This announcement follows the recent trend of high-profile technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) bankers leaving Barclays to join UBS Group AG in the United States.


Returning to Familiar Ground


Having dedicated close to three decades to investment banking, Ed Wehle’s decision to return to Citigroup marks a homecoming of sorts. Wehle spent the majority of his career at Citigroup, previously serving as the head of global technology services banking. In 2018, he made the switch to Barclays from Deutsche Bank AG. With his vast experience and expertise in the field, Wehle is set to assume a key role at Citigroup, tasked with overseeing their global technology services.


Citigroup’s Strategic Move


Mark Keene, Citigroup’s global head of technology investment banking, expressed his enthusiasm for Wehle’s appointment, emphasizing the significance of technology services in complementing the bank’s global client base. Wehle’s responsibilities will extend beyond New York as he collaborates closely with partners across Asia, EMEA, and Latin America. Philip Drury, global head of technology & communications banking, capital markets & advisory at Citi, highlighted the value that Wehle’s appointment brings to Citigroup’s technological and communications sectors.


Barclays Remains Silent


While news of Wehle’s departure has made waves in the investment banking community, Barclays declined to comment on the matter. The absence of an official statement from the London-based bank leaves room for speculation and raises questions about their future strategy in the technology banking sector.


A Growing Exodus


Wehle’s move follows a recent trend of Barclays technology, media, and telecommunications bankers opting to join UBS Group AG in the United States. As reported by Reuters, at least seven top TMT bankers have resigned from Barclays in the past few days to join UBS. This wave of resignations comes on the heels of three Barclays U.S. bankers who made the switch to UBS in April. The departure of key personnel in this sector signals a significant shift in the landscape of investment banking, with UBS emerging as a preferred destination for top talent.


Opinion: A Shift in Power Dynamics


The migration of investment bankers from Barclays to Citigroup and UBS marks a notable shift in power dynamics within the industry. Citigroup’s strategic move to bolster their technology services division with the appointment of Ed Wehle demonstrates their commitment to staying ahead in an increasingly digital world. As the global economy becomes more reliant on technology, investment banks must adapt to remain competitive. Citigroup’s acquisition of Wehle’s expertise positions them favorably in the rapidly evolving technology sector.


Furthermore, UBS’s success in attracting top talent from Barclays highlights their growing influence and appeal in the investment banking landscape. With each high-profile departure, UBS solidifies its position as a formidable competitor, capable of drawing experienced professionals from established institutions. The bank’s focus on expanding their technology, media, and telecommunications divisions showcases their dedication to innovation and client-centric solutions.


Looking Ahead


The departure of Ed Wehle from Barclays underscores the challenges faced by the London-based bank in retaining top talent amidst increasing competition. As investment banks vie for a stronghold in the technology sector, the strategic moves made by Citigroup and UBS demonstrate their determination to stay at the forefront of industry trends and client demands.


While Barclays has chosen to remain silent on the matter, their next steps will undoubtedly be crucial in regaining stability and ensuring continued success in the highly competitive world of investment banking. The industry as a whole will closely monitor the fallout from this exodus of top talent, observing how it shapes the future landscape and the strategies employed by key players to secure their positions.




The resignation of Ed Wehle, a senior technology banker, from Barclays to join Citigroup in New York adds to the ongoing trend of top investment bankers seeking new opportunities. Wehle’s return to Citigroup, where he spent most of his career, signifies the bank’s strategic focus on technology services. Citigroup’s global reach, combined with Wehle’s expertise, positions them favorably in the technology banking sector. Meanwhile, UBS emerges as a strong competitor, successfully attracting talent from Barclays and solidifying its standing in the industry. The dynamics within the investment banking landscape are shifting, prompting banks to adapt and innovate to maintain their competitive edge. As the industry evolves, the future of Barclays and its response to the resignations will play a crucial role in determining its trajectory in the technology banking sector.

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