Stephen Adams Joins Optimum Strategic Communications as Associate Director

Optimum Strategic Communications, a leading life sciences communications consultancy, has announced the appointment of Stephen Adams as a full-time member of its team. Stephen, a highly-experienced medical journalist, joins Optimum as an Associate Director, effective immediately.


A Respected Career in Journalism


Stephen has spent over 20 years in busy newsrooms, with a focus on medical and healthcare issues. He has an extensive knowledge of medical science and health policy, and has broken stories on a wide range of topics. He spent ten years at The Mail on Sunday, first as Health Correspondent and subsequently as Medical Editor since 2019. Prior to that, he worked for six years at The Daily Telegraph, initially covering general news before becoming a health specialist.


With a passion for fronting campaigns and prompting a change in public policy, Stephen has established himself as a respected journalist with a wealth of experience in the industry.


An Asset to Optimum Strategic Communications


Optimum Strategic Communications’ Chief Executive Officer, Mary Clark, expressed her pleasure at the news, stating that Stephen’s extensive knowledge and superb writing and content generation skills will be invaluable in providing intelligent and insightful strategic communications advice to build the reputations of the company’s clients.


Stephen Adams also expressed his excitement about joining the team at Optimum Strategic Communications, highlighting the professionalism, creativity, and personal touch that the company brings to its work.


Providing Compelling Narratives for Healthcare and Life Sciences Companies


As healthcare and life sciences companies navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of the industry, it is increasingly important that they are able to communicate a compelling narrative to their target audiences. Optimum Strategic Communications has established itself as a leading player in the industry, providing strategic communications advice to a range of clients.


With Stephen Adams joining the team, Optimum Strategic Communications is poised to take its services to the next level, combining his extensive experience as a medical journalist with the company’s existing expertise in life sciences communications.


Stephen’s experience and knowledge of medical and healthcare issues will be an asset to the company, allowing it to continue to deliver high-quality strategic communications advice to its clients. His appointment is a testament to Optimum Strategic Communications’ commitment to providing the best possible service to its clients, and to its ongoing growth and success in the industry.




Stephen Adams’ appointment as Associate Director at Optimum Strategic Communications is a significant development for the company, reflecting its ongoing growth and commitment to delivering high-quality strategic communications advice to its clients. With his extensive knowledge of medical and healthcare issues and his passion for fronting campaigns and prompting a change in public policy, Stephen is an asset to the company, and is poised to take its services to the next level. As healthcare and life sciences companies continue to navigate the rapidly evolving industry landscape, Optimum Strategic Communications is well-positioned to provide the compelling narratives that its clients need to succeed.

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